Bucketing Around in Boats

There may not be any of the wonderful wooden classics that make up the Tempus class in build here in Antalya at the moment but there is, never the less, exciting news from builders, Arkin Purva.

Their range of Tempus class of yachts has, in its current line up, yachts of 90, 125 and 150 feet.

Now, we learn from yard owner Erbil Arkin that there are three separate negotiations in hand that will expand the range with serious enquiries for yachts of 80, 105 and 150 feet.

Meanwhile Mr Arkin who after the regatta successes achieved by Tempus Fugit his own 90 footer, has confessed to having been bitten by the racing bug!

I am off to sail in the Nantucket Bucket and the Newport Bucket next month and will also participate in the New York Yacht Club annual cruise.

Crossing the Atlantic in Tempus Fugit was one achievement to take off my bucket list sailing in the buckets is another!

Others on his bucket list of adventures waiting to be ticked off are the ideas to sail Diama, his 37 metre super gullet up the River Thames and to view the Northern Lights above the Article Circle from the decks of his own yacht.

Noting his success in ventures so far, he has a good chance of achieving his goal