Alia Yachts

alia_yachts Even before the closing of Peri Yachts following the death of Kamal Gambol the founding partners of the company had left to form their own breakaway company that is today known as Alia Yachts. “We always thought there was a market in building custom yachts and were unhappy with the Peri ethos of production boat building,” Omer Koray the shipyard manager tells us. he adds “We believe that as a shipyard you should not limit yourselves or your customers to be completely satisfied with what you currently offer.” Currently the yard is fully committed to the completion of three large motor yachts for delivery in 2015 mostly concealed under a shroud of secrecy. These include:

  • 60 metre displacement steel hulled motor yacht to a design from Omega
  • 40 metre displacement composite motor yacht to a design by Sam Sorgiovanni
  • 30 metre displacement steel hulled motor yacht to a design from Omega

The company is also entering into a contract to build 16 metre day boats powered with Volvo IPS “We carried forward the ethos we began at Peri Yachts and moved it on forward and upwards striving for and achieving ISO 9001, 14,001 & 18,001 through Lloyds. We now have a team of 4 including a senior manager whose only job here in the yard is to move those standards of assurance into quality control. We stand behind our product wherever it is in the world.” Alia yachts are well travelled. Since the company was formed in 2008 they have completed:

  • 2 x 17 metre sailing catamarans
  • 2 x 25 metre high performance sloops both with lifting keels
  • 1 x 29 metre high performance sloop
  • 1 x 36 metre composite motor yachts

When the company is not building new it has a steady flow of refit work to keep the work force fully occupied. “We are known for our ability to produce high quality sailing yachts and we have several strong purchase enquiries from potential owners for significant sized sailing yachts along with strong enquiries for motor yachts of 46 and 60 metres,” says Gokhan Celik the company’s President.