Aeroboat Set to Follow in the Wake of the Spitfire


Aeroboat a yacht that Mimics the Spitfire and Celebrates Britain’s Design Heritage

Inspired by the Spitfire the world famous Second World War fighter plane the new dayboat has been unvield by yacht designers Claydon Reeves.

Like the Spitfire the new boat, called an Areoboat, has been designed near the Solent in Hampshire. Its high speed engines again follows the lead of the fighter plane, in that it is powered by a version of the Rolls-Royce Merlin engine enabling the dayboat to plane at speeds of 50 knots plus.

Built close by the Solent using carbon fibre, Claydon Reeves will begin construction of the 15 metre dayboat subject to orders received. Just 14 Aeroboats each customised to the individual requirements of the client are to be built. Likely costs will be in the region of £3.5 million.

The interior is modelled on sports car design and will feature leather stitching and a wooden instrument facia. Below deck, accommodation will be limited to one double bedded cabin and small bathroom featuring lightweight wood and veneers.

Founded four years ago, Claydon Reeves aims is to breathe new life into the yacht design industry. Speaking about the Aeroboat, Mike Reeves one of the company’s co-founders said: “We are determined to revolutionise yacht design. The Aeroboat is based on innovative, modern materials, fresh design thinking and growing demand for eye-catching shapes and individuality on the water.”