Yacht Crews Can Power Up Devices with Charging Luggage Tag

Crews of superyachts flying off on leave or joining their yacht by air need no longer worry about new airport security measures that demand smart phones and tablets be charged before passing through security.
A new range of travel accessories will enable crew when travelling to power up mobile devices on-the-go.
Containing discreet, high capacity, rechargeable batteries the collection of luggage tags, cosmetic pouches, wallets and sleeves charge mobile devices effortlessly and conveniently.
Taking on the shape of a contemporary luggage tag is Sulan designed to be hung from the handles of a bag or briefcase, or carried discreetly in a pocket.
With a slim, ultra-light 3000mAh battery it will give most Smartphones up to 1.5 full charges.
Fusing form with function for superyacht stewardesses is the Gillan Battery Pouch which offers space for cosmetics or mini-travel essentials as well as a 3000mAh battery for up to 1.5 full charges of most Smartphones.
Both the Sulan and Gillan are available in a range of colours and patterns across three different types of leather and start at RRP: £35 and £50 respectively.
Other devices include one with passport storage that contain a hidden, lightweight, rechargeable 5200mAh battery with enough power to give most Smartphones three to four full charges or mini-tablets one full charge.

The entire Jadeco collection is rechargeable via a USB port and is compatible with micro-USB devices e.g. Android phones including Samsung, Nokia HTC and BlackBerry, and with Apple devices using licensed Apple adaptors, sold separately.

The new collections are brought to the UK by Wowthem.