Sunseeker to Build Their Biggest Ever Unit

The urge to build bigger and bigger motor yachts is ever present with those builders producing production yachts.
This urge is particularly strong in the British luxury yacht manufacturer, Sunseeker International.

Now flush with investment funds from their Chinese owners the company has announced its most ambitious project to date

It is planning to build a 168 Sport Yacht – their largest ever.
The announcement follows the sale of two 155 yachts earlier this year. The first was to Eddie Jordan who called his Blush.  The second, with bigger engines, was sold to MiddleEastern interests at the Dubai Yacht Show.
The new yacht will have an interior volume matching that of a tri-deck yacht, but will feature the aggressive exterior styling of a the company’s  Sport Yacht bringing together a combination of performance, looks and space.  
Engine options will provide economical displacement cruising of more than 4,000 miles together with the option of hitting 25 knots.
Delivery of the as yet unsold yacht is expected to be effected during 2017.