Soundtrack Compilations for Superyacht Charters

Every superyacht experience needs the perfect soundtrack.

Now, for the first time, Y.CO owners and charter guests can have instant access to a set of bespoke, professionally created music compilations, adapted to suit different areas, moods and times of day during their time on board.

Welcome to Y.PLAY by Sound Purpose a concept born when Y.CO CEO Charlie Birkett, who is passionate about music, met international DJ; Natalie Earp, (aka Femme Fatale) the founder of bespoke music company Sound Purpose.

Natalie has played music in the world’s best-known clubs as well as on board many top superyachts.

For each Y.PLAY experience, Natalie finds out a client’s music tastes and preferences and creates a personalised music library featuring a range of artists, from established to new and up-and-coming.

Natalie then groups the tracks into compilations for different spaces and moods on board, from cabin chill to sunset to waterside workout, so the client simply hits play to set the perfect atmosphere at any time.

This is not the first co operation the brokerage house has had with the DJ.  While racing cars were competing around the track at the Monaco Grand Prix, there was a party happening on the Y.CO terrace! There Natalie Earp was serving up some beats for event-goers.