Face Lift for Numarine 78

W78HTnewglassside HR

Two of the most popular models in Numarine’s range, are the 78 Hard Top and its Flybridge sister. Together they have received rave reviews from journalists around the world including us who have all commented on the boats striking and unique aesthetics coupled with astounding performance and attention to detail.

Now the CEO Omer Malaz of Numarine International has unveiled an exciting and innovative “facelift” evolution of the extremely successful series.

He told us “Introducing new models is a natural evolution and continuing on from the great success of our new 70 Hardtop, we turned our attention to possibly replacing the 78’s.

He added, “Each and every time a concept was put together for replacement models of this size category, we confirmed our initial instinct that the existing hulls and configurations did everything perfectly as they were!”

“We then tasked our designers with applying some subtle aesthetic changes which have resulted in a completely revitalised look whilst still retaining our existing “signature” design”.

The first new look model enters production in September with completion due in February 2015