C&NI’s 2014 Charter Crew Awards Are Under Way

Camper & Nicholsons International have announced the commencement of the second season of their crew awards program.

“We know our crew are already stars for the efforts and dedication they put in, but we want to recognise those who shine the brightest! Designed to recognise all the wonderfully talented individuals and teams who delight our clients with the most exceptional, unforgettable and incredible experiences on board our charter yachts, we look forward to seeing what award-worthy acts our charter crew submit this year.
“This season we have upped the ante even more by making our online awards forum visible to the public, so everyone can join in the fun and see what our fantastic crew are up to throughout the season. And at the end of the summer everyone can join in by voting for their favourites, so the winners will truly be decided fairly and democratically on the merits of what they have done and achieved.
“Providing C&NI charter yachts and crew an opportunity to raise their profile and reputation in the yachting industry, these awards give individuals official and public recognition of their talents and hard work, which is personally rewarding and satisfying, and also create invaluable marketing opportunities for the yachts involved.”
There are 7 awards on offer each season, one for each department, one for the whole team and two individual awards.
Captain Devere of  Mary Jeancommenting on the winning 4 of 7 award categories in 2013: “Participating in the CNI crew awards really bought our crew together as a team.  It gave us a common goal that was more than getting a great tip and gave the crew motivation to go that extra mile and think outside the box. Our individual award winners really got a boost in confidence and the team awards are something we can all be proud of for years to come.”
For more details on the awards program please click here
You can join the online Crew Stars forum here