Superfast Gas Turbine Superyacht Finally Gets to Go to Sea

Once described by the Daily Mail as more of a Carthorse than a Racehorse the ultra fast gas turbine powered superyacht Alamashar has been reported as getting ready to sail from the UK to the Mediterranean.
This yacht must be among those who can claim the longest ever build time and has been under construction for nearly 15 years.

Started in 1999 under a build name Project 305, the yacht has been reported to be have been plagued with design faults and construction delays.
Conceived to become the fasted yacht in the world, there is little evidence that during her extensive sea trial period, she ever made speeds close to that originally envisioned.
It was during her extended sea trial period that it was reported she had famously caught fire and had to be towed back to the shipyard in Plymouth that built her
In 2007 The Daily Telegraph reported the yacht driven by three giant water jets had been commissioned and is owned by the Aga Khan.

The same newspaper suggested that the yacht had been built in attempt to capture the Blue Riband in a manner previously backed by the Aga Khan who sponsored the attempt with a yacht named Destriero now believed to be laid up in one of the German shipyards owned by Lurssen.