Russian Millionaire Turns His Hand to Superyacht Design

Klyukin Vasily Vasilievich the 38 year old Russian businessman is the co-founder of Sovcombank, a commercial bank.
A resident of Monaco, Vasily purchased a Virgin Galactic trip into space at a charity auction and will be among the first to ride into space when Richard Branson’s project finally gets off the ground
His interests lie in contemporary art and architecture but now it appears he is to combine the two in a series of odd looking superyacht designs.
The most tame of the six startling ideas is a floating Rubix Cube he calls Mondrian a 65 metre, 4 deck superyacht about which he says: “Without changing the classical shape of the yacht — you can make your boat quite different from the others, with only the help of angles and colours.”

If you find that design odd then consider the yacht with a superstructure said to mimic the skyline of Manhattan

Or a Red Shark

or maybe even a Swan that is clearly not one Nautor would own up to!