Price of Teak for Decking has Risen Dramatically Over Last Two Months.

A severely limited supply of Teak in the market is pushing up prices of Burmese teak wood.

This year the Myanmar Government is allowing only about 20% of the volume of Teak to be exported as was exported last year. Short and narrow strips generally used for flooring in Asian countries and outdoor furniture construction has risen by approximately 10%.  Intermediate size boards ranging from 6” to 10” wide and 6’ to 10’ have risen by between 15-20%.
The steepest price escalation can be seen in the prime quality and long lengths, which yacht builders revere.
The situation is serious for the boating community.
Lengths ten feet and longer and quarter sawn decking has jumped 20-30% and expected to go even higher as the stock of available raw material continues to dwindle.
The newly elected democratic government is now implementing changes in the way Burma Teak is extracted and marketed.
The State Timber Board was formed shortly after Burma gained its freedom from England in 1948. Later, the name was changed to MTE (Myanma Timber Enterprise). At its height this body controlled all of the forests in Burma with a staff and outside labourers numbering over 50,000 plus 2,500 robust Elephants who used their massive bodies to pull and push the Teak logs where roads did not exist.
MTE was responsible for supplying beautiful Teak decks on vessels all over the world.
Now, MTE is to be dismantled and private companies will bid for contracts to work the plantations.

Emphasis is now being directed by the Government to allow the natural Teak forests to regenerate and large tracts of land are being put aside for the commercial development of Teak plantations.