Australia and New Zealand Team Up to Develop Down Under Superyacht Activity

Taking a positive step forward allowing Australia and New Zealand to work together to promote the South Pacific, delegates from the NewZealand Marine Industry Association (NZ Marine), Superyacht Australia, TourismNew Zealand, Tourism Australia, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, Austrade and the Australian International Marine Export Group (AIMEX), are seeking to create a mandate aimed at increasing the number of superyachts visiting the Pacific, Australia and New Zealand.
The move comes in response to growing awareness of the number of yachts looking beyond the milk run in their hunt for the charter edge and successful owner trips, as well as to meet managerial demands for cost-effective, high-quality refits and services.
Taking a collaborative approach allows the two nations to market as one to promote the area as attractive superyacht cruising destination that also offers yachts refit capabilities and services.
The first of the mandates agreed on by the group was to increase international yachting fraternity awareness of cruising within the Pacific.  Delegates at he meeting identified several industry events where this joint promotion might highlight the best way forward.
Maryanne Edwards, CEO of AIMEX and Superyacht Australia, believes that presenting a united front to promote the destinations will highlight the strength of regional cruising grounds and services.
The promotion of visitation and discussion of superyacht-friendly practices both of which encourage this, is on the group’s radar. The key focus of the joint initiative is to attract yachts to the South Pacific region, with an increase of both cruising duration and breadth, and increased superyacht refit and repair services undertaken, for the greater economic benefit of both nations.