Visiting Genoa Charter Yacht Show

There is something rather comfortable about flying to Genoa for this annual line up of charter yachts keen to strutt their stuff in front of the world’ stop charter brokers.

The weather is seldom different from the rain soaked Britain we leave behind the city of Genoa is as faded as one of England’s provincial cities and the service offered by everyone in it is typically italian where the word is used as an adjective.

The airport is tiny but fast to use, the bus into the city centre faster and cheaper than a taxi and the Hotel Bristol Palace as welcoming as ever.

We have been coming to this hotel for as long as we have been covering the show, we have tried a few alternatives when forced to by stingy budgets imposed on freelancers by tightfisted editors but when it comes to spending our own money value for what we fork out is important and this hotel offers that.

Nicely turned out after it’s recent wash and brush up, it still maintains that shabby homeliness that was what first endeared us to the place.  It’s location is good for walking to the show quickly and getting around the city to complete the other tasks we, as a working couple always have, is easy with it and it’s nearby metro station as a base.

So yes it’s worth the extra buck and we like it.