Is Numarine Magic or Was That Just Lunch?

Enjoying lunch at the Numarine press launch of its all new 70 Foot Hardtop yacht we were pleased when Gus joined us as we sat down to eat.
Gus is a young French magician. His passion is surprising people and having fun with them by sharing his magic!
And he most certainly did with us
He is a master of close up magic and performs in France and around the world.
Close up magic is a modern and intimate way to perform illusions based on the interactions with the public.
The illusionist uses cards, bills, coins, rings, ropes, and wine bottle to realise illusions under the eyes of the spectators.
The intimate relation between the illusionist and us at the lunch table created laughs, emotions and applause making the moment truly magical!
He was so enjoyed that Numarine CEO Omer asked him to join us all for dinner at a local Turkish restaurant on the beach on an island off Goceck.  He had the waiters so mesmerised the totally forgot there were other dinners in the restaurant!

Thanks to his entertaining magic and his ability to adapt under any circumstances, Gus has performed successfully on board superyachts in the south of France.