Inflight Chef aboard Turkish Airlines

 Can there be a more perfect example of an oxymoron than Gourmet Dining aboard an airplane, at least in Cattle Class at the back of the plane.  Yet the trucks delivering food to airplanes at airports around the world all seem to feature the words Gourmet writ large along their sides.

Now Turkish Airlines has taken this farce to new heights.  We boarded our flight from Istanbul back to London Heathrow last night to be greeted by a woman decked out in a chef’s outfit.  Gosh, I thought, the business class section of the plane must be in for a freshly cooked meal.  Though I did wonder how she was going to achieve this feat on an old, galley-less Boeing 737.
Yes I was right to wonder, next time I saw her was in our rear section of the very full plane after we had taken off.  She was serving the coffee and tea after our gourmet-less meal that was certainly not freshly prepared.  At least she did smile which is something the stewardesses seemed to feel was not required.

Maybe she did create something for the business class passengers before she joined us in economy class. Me, I think her stewardess uniform must have been dirty and she borrowed the outfit for a laugh. 
Perhaps Turkish Airlines can let us know.