Good or Bad Superyacht Report(ing)

You have to question the wisdom of publishing and distributing a magazine that slags off those ships agents who advertise in it at the Genoa Charter Yacht Show, but that is what has happened.

A well respected superyacht magazine has reported (the clues are all there) in an article about service given by superyacht agents, a list of the worlds worst service providers.
The first that many of the agents had heard about their listing was when customers walked along the dock at the Genoa Charter Yacht Show and asked them about their new found notoriety.
Not many of them were pleased and several went to great pains to explain to us how poorly they felt they had been treated with several questioning the validity of such a small polling.
Our own pages and postings have attracted attention in the past because we fearlessly publish what we believe we should, but at all times we try never to be rude or upset people.

We believe that it is often better to let the reader look between the lines and see what has not been said than to annoy them.