Give Your CV a Makeover with a Free Critique

The Australian based crew placement agency AYC Superyachthas been operating in the yachting industry for over 10 years and has screened thousands of resumes.  They know works and what does not.
Often or not they find that crew who do not find work have a CV that needs a makeover.
Determined to put things right they have launched a Resume Review and Editing service.
Recruitment agents look over hundreds of resumes on a daily basis so thee know what works, what stands out and most importantly, exactly what to look for when reviewing a resume.
They are as a result able to assist crew with all aspects of profile presentation including cover letter preparation, resume editing and critique.
A resume can be adapted to suit the requirements of an advertised job and it is not uncommon to have several versions depending on the position applied for.
An example of this is a Chef / Stewardess that may change the presentation of their resume depending on which role they apply for.
Crew Can now send in their existing CV to the firm, complete a short from of registration and the agency will send back an improved CV.