Could this Spell the End of the Teak Deck?

The Government of Myanmar is to make massive changes to the availability of teak that could endanger the supply of Burmese Teak for use on decks of superyachts.

While stopping short of banning all exports of Teakwood, the conservation proposed measures will eliminate the export of complete logs.
Logs cut into sawn timber or further processed into furniture, yacht decking, or other semi-finished and finished products can still be exported.
The governments Forest Department is proposing to dramatically reduce the annual allowable harvest of Teak and other hardwoods seeking to return the forests to the healthy vibrant green woodlands that once covered the country until a few decades ago.
During 2013 nearly 400,000 cubic metres of Teak trees were cut and exported from Myanmar.
Tragically for the marine industry the proposed allowance for 2014 is only 20% (80,000 cubic metres) of the historical annual cut and this includes all grades of Teak.
Traditionally yacht builders use only the premium grades

If this ban implemented, there will be only a few thousand cubic metres of the top grades for boat builders world-wide available.
Prices will rise dramatically as supply dries up.
Bob Steber of Ginnacle Import Export Pte in Singapore is urging those concerned to contact Boating Association asking them the to write directly to Myanmar Forestry Department to make them aware of how important Teak is to the boating community.

He told us “An elegant yacht without a genuine Golden Burma Teak deck is like a king without his golden crown!”