Classic Sailing Yachts Could Race Against Each Other Recreating the Battle of the Herreshoffs

The exciting prospect of two classic beauties racing each other under sail in the Mediterranean this summer has moved a step further towards reality.

Y.CO the central agents for 55 metre Elena have announced she is available to race against her peers in rallies the likes of Voiles d’Antibes, Cannes and St Tropez.
Among the possible contenders is Eleonora available for charter through YPI.
Such a match would reignite the regatta rivalry first seen when the original boats began racing against each other back in the early 1900’s.
Elena offers an unforgettable blend of beauty and sheer speed. Experience the thrill of sailing on a traditional racing schooner, beneath towering wooden masts with an extensive sailplan. This classic yacht boasts all the modern day luxuries above and below deck to ensure your stay is as comfortable as any 5 star accommodation.
The original Elena was built in 1910 and was designed by American naval architect Nathanael Herreshoff, who was famed for designing sailing yachts for America’s elite. Morton Plant the commissioning owner gave him a wonderful design brief saying: “Build me a schooner that can win!”
This replica yacht was built in Spain during 2009 to original 1910 designs.  She now boasts stately interiors in a classic style, expansive deck areas and was fitted with a new boom, sail plan and bowsprit in 2012.
The 50 metre Eleonora is an exact replica of the schooner Westward. Westward was launched on March 31, 1910 as hull number 692 at the Herreshoff Manufacturing Co. in Bristol, Rhode Island, USA. She was arguably one of the most famous and best known racing schooners in the world. She was also designed by Herreshoff.
Eleonora was built at the Van der Graaf shipyard in Holland and was launched in March 2000. Since then, she has successfully participated in a number of classic sailing regattas and hosted on board a number of high profile guests during her charter activities.
Both yachts show astonishing beauty under sail, their slender hulls cutting a pathway through the sea, an elegant combination of beauty and power.

The chance of seeing them race against each other is so exciting that we will personally put up a Galvanised bucket of ice and a magnum of Champagne as a prize so long as we are invited to sail on each for just an hour or so of glory.