City Suit and Tie Aboard a Riva

Posing for a photo shoot dressed in a city suit, shirt and tie while at the helm of a Riva sports boat is an odd way to introduce the new CEO of an Italian yacht building group but that is what Ferretti have done.
The company’s Chinese owners, the Weichai Group, have chosen to replace Ferruccio Rossi with Alberto Galassi as Ferretti’s new Chief Executive Officer with immediate effect.
Group Chairman Tan Xuguang, had appointed Signor Galassi, an accomplished player in the aeronautical industry, from outside of the yachting industry, to the board of Ferretti in October of last year.
The appointment of a new CEO comes at a time when the rumour mills of yachting are running wild with unconfirmed reports of the opening of a shipyard in China to build boats with a Ferritti group badge.

Strangely, and without explanation, a press conference convened by Ferretti and planned for presentation at the Italian Embassy in London next week, has been cancelled