Yachting Pages Directories launched at Antibes Yacht Show

With a new look and striking branding, a trio of new Yachting Pages Directories has been launched at the at Antibes Yacht Show the first yacht show of the Mediterranean season

Each of the three superyacht directories has its own primary colour with the Med book in pink or magenta, the USA in blue or cyan and Australasia in yellow.
The books have been well received by captains, crew and exhibitors alike.  300 copies of the books that were distributed at the show in the first two days have been very well received

The team will then continue to distribute the 65,000 copies of the essential reference tool globally in the weeks following the show

Steve Crowe, founder of Yachting Pages said, “I based the new branding on the primary colours used in printing. I’ve still got one of the old inkjet printers at home and every time I change the ink cartridges it strikes me how powerful those colours were.

In the printing industry, to produce varying colours the subtractive primaries cyan, magenta, and yellow are applied together in varying amounts – what this means is that whatever you want to print you have to start with pink, yellow and blue.

The three bold colours of cyan, magenta, and yellow perfectly represent the three different Yachting Pages books and help differentiate them from one another. It was an obvious choice really.”