Why Buenos Aires Will Never Become a Superyacht Destination

The greatest problem with cruising the Argentine is not so much the infrastructure, it is the people.

It is not that they are unhelpful – far from it! It is just that whereas the European and North Americans are people of the sea the Argentinos are land people.  They farm, they move over terrain not water and their borders are jealously maintained.

Trying to get comments or information from yacht clubs for destination stories like this arouses suspicion, fear and even at times hostility.  But the fact is these people are guarding their territory more out of ignorance than self preservation.  

Asking officials at the yacht club de Puerto Madero one of the more active associations how deep the water in the dock is or how wide the dock entrance is can get an unsympathetic blank stare but we found that the reality is they simply do not know.

Fortunately we found out and all the details will appear in the feature we are writing for Invictus Magazine

Buenos Aires has the ability to become a world class super yacht port.  It has the dock space and the city and surrounding countryside all the trappings that would make the yacht owner want to stay on and explore the country.

For a country keen to attract hard currency and show the world what a progressive nation it truly could be, it seems strange that someone somewhere has not learned how much visiting Superyachts would make the area become the superyacht haven of the southern hemisphere.