We Chuck Our iPads into the Water

The things we do to bring life to these pages.  We have just thrown our iPads into the water and found that when wearing their life jackets they float!

Having been sent products to review the least we could do is try out DryAtab from Sea-Things.
Chucking our iPads into the briney however is not something we do lightly!  We need not have worried the device worked a treat.  It floats on the surface and can be used while it does do.  You can even watch movies while swimming if your earphones can take the water!
Two models of DryAtab are available to suit all types of tablet: 7mini and 10 standard! And both at really affordable pre-season offer prices until the end of May, with ex stock delivery directly from Amazon UK.
We think that many Captains of Charter Yachts will consider these as guest giveaways rather like the branded baseball hat and the T shirt.
They can be customised with the yachts name and logo featured on the front and when exchange rates and shipping/duty costs are taken into account we are looking at a UK landed cost (in GBP) of: 4.55 for the 7″ mini, and 5.54 for the 10″ standard size.

For smaller quantities without branding, the company is able to introduce a discount factor into its Amazon pricing structure, and they would be willing to do this for quantities of 50 or 100 items.  They could also design and print customized inserts for the yacht, at a very reasonable cost which we would send separately to the Amazon shipment.