Seeing Life in Argentina as it Used to be

San Antonio de Areco, is one of the oldest towns in Argentina and is located only 13km away from La Bamba de Areco down a very dusty dirt road
It invites you to return to the eighteenth century with its narrow colonial streets, church, bars and museums and should not be missed.  In fact if we made a mistake it was not going on our first day.  Had we done so we feel we would have found time to return.
We explored the soul and character of the gaucho at the Ricardo Guiraldes Gaucho Museum, whom the famous Argentine writer brought to life in his cult novel Don Segundo Sombra (1926).
We admired the skills of the master silversmiths hard at work in their artisan workshops We watched leather craftsmen and traditional rope makers practise their craft and found them very happy to explain what they are doing and of course sell you examples of their work.

Heirs to Argentine tradition, these artists perpetuate the international fame of San Antonio de Areco. 

An active part of Argentine and especially gaucho heritage,

At the beginning of November, San Antonio de Areco welcomes thousands of gauchos from all over Argentina to enjoy La Semana de la Fiesta de la Tradicion.
This event, is a real journey into Argentine history and heritage and offers a unique opportunity to discover the Gaucho culture the likes of equestrian parades, rodeos, horse-breaking demonstrations, folk dancing and concerts, craft markets

Should timing prevent the visitor from catching these artists as they perpetuate the international fame of San Antonio de Areco then La Bamba de Areco can be relied upon to offer authentic gaucho traditions such as asados and maté tasting, and organises as an option several gaucho shows which are both private and unique. These include:
  • Musical entertainment with folk dances
  • Indian horse-whispering
  • Games of equestrian skill that include, Patos, Boleadors and Sortija