San Telmo Antique Fair a Flea Market on Steroids

In 1970 architect José Maria Peña envisioned a market to liven up the barrio of Buenos Aires called San Telmo.

It is a short taxi ride away from the wonderful Four Seasons Buenos Aires and well worth a visit if you love to browse.

Peña convinced 30 neighbours to join him one day in selling off old stuff.  Today that original idea has expanded to take in 200 plus antique stands that line Avenida Defesa and have taken over Plaza Dorrego.

With some of the country’s top antique dealers setting up stalls here walking around is a treat even if you like us are not planning on purchasing anything.

Old soda syphon bottles, copper, cookware mate pots, vintage telephones and collector matchboxes and tins are just some of the treasures on offer.

The old food market is a master piece of architecture.  Today the building erected by Buschiazzo houses a fine selection of antique stalls but still finds space for green grocers, butchers and cafe owners to make a living.

Elsewhere along Defensa others have taken up stalls keen to capture the interest of passing tourists and along this road you can by hand made shoes, leather belts and your very own Yerba Mate pot