Our First Night in Buenos Aires

In search of a local identity which draws on tradition and the contemporary architecture which makes Buenos Aires such a cosmopolitan city, and, at the same time, distinguishes her as one of the world’s most beautiful, we sought out one of the most exclusive of small hotels in the city in which to spend our first night.

Located in Recoleta, the most traditional aristocratic neighbourhood in Buenos Aires is the most wonderful of boutique hotels: HUB Porteño
Its architecture and interior design seeks to create a space with a strong local identity.  At the beginning of the 20th Century, a wave of artisans and crafts-men arrived to Buenos Aires in search of new opportunities in the wake of the series of wars and economic crises that dominated Europe.
They played a fundamental part in the city’s celebrated architecture, building the romantic avenues and belle-epoque facades that contribute to Buenos Aires’s nick-name, “The Paris of Latin America”.

Today, the grandsons of these artists are one the city’s most closely guarded treasures – the last heirs of this European legacy.

Devised by the architect Ivan Robredo and interior designer Valeria Bonanno, HUB Porteño combines the best of these resources with current design trends to arrive at a unique style crafted from the country’s most sophisticated raw materials, from leather and rare hardwoods to Andean textiles, animal skins and hand-carved metal.