Floating Mangroves project flourishing at Lusail Marina

Mourjan Marinas managing operator of Lusail Marina in Doha were recently was awarded Clean Marina accreditation, by the International Clean Marina programme – a voluntary accreditation system for various marine industry operators including marinas, yacht clubs and shipyards.

Now matters have moved a stage further and they are involving themselves in scientific research.
The innovative Floating Mangroves project, launched by UNESCO with help and facilities provided by Lusail City, has achieved another milestone, with all plants from phase one and two now receiving sea water based irrigation. 
The experiment is the first of its kind in the region – the findings of which will help shape scientists’ understanding on mitigating climate change through carbon sequestration.
The experiment monitors the use of mangroves for capturing carbon emissions, or sequestration, helping to reduce atmospheric carbon levels. 
Since its launch in 2012 the project has achieved a number of key milestones and continues to capture international attention from the science and environmental communities.
Phase two of the project was launched in September 2013, with a further eight containers of mangrove species being added following the successful completion of phase one.