Bargains Galore in the Shops of Buenos Aires

The poor economy of Argentina and the the devalued reputation of the country’s currency the Peso is bad news for the locals and a sad reflection on years of political greed and governmental corruption that has engulfed what could be one of the worlds greatest trading nations.

Every cloud however has a silver lining and the fact that the tourist can carry fistfuls of hard desirable currency gives them the upper hand when shopping in Buenos Aires.

Our ever careful concierges at the Four Seasons Buenos Aires hotel warn us about the dangers of carrying money around and suggest we do not wear ostentatious or flashy jewellery that might attract the attention of thieves.

The fact is, BA is no more dangerous than other cities closer to home.

Yes Naples and London we are talking about you!

So do take your cash in dollars or euros. Both are well accepted and after choosing what you want to buy, suggest quietly to the shop staff you might like to pay in hard currency.

It is, you must be aware, illegal to use currency other than the Peso but those who do, can reap the benefit of a healthy black market trade.

So what do you buy and where do you shop? We loved La Martina a chain of up market stores that services the polo playing set even if the noses of the staff are somewhat up in the air.

We also enjoyed the wares to be found in a similar chain with better mannered staff called Arandu.

High quality leather jackets are what to look for along with leather hats, bags and belts with silver buckles. There are even, should you want one, a saddle for the pony along with whips and all the ancillary trappings.

Wonderful silver work can be purchased in these stores but prices are going to be higher than those paid in San Antonio de Areco but they all originate from the same highly skilled artisans