To the Ends of the Earth – Day 1

And so we begin what we hope will be a Daily Blog posting as we describe our travels to South America.
The first part sees us embark on our journey to the ends of the earth and culminates with us sailing around Cape Horn.
Day 1
The last time we landed at Santiago Airport was in March 2010 just days after the earthquake had devastated all of the airport terminal buildings.
One that occasion we were preparing for our voyage southwards along the coast of Patagonia on board the 45.4 metre superyacht Atmosphere.
This time things were far more normal, long queues to get through immigration then more queues to get through customs.
After a 20 or so hour long flight it is somewhat tedious to endure such things. 
The flight from Heathrow to Santiago with Iberia which entailed changing planes was uneventful. (Scroll pack a few postings for a fuller picture!)
I think uneventful is the polite word for the hours we spent uncomfortably seated in the back end of an Airbus 340 with our legs folded over our ears in a class of transport that resembled that which we use to send our pigs to slaughter in November each year.  Think British Airways with extra paprika and you will get the picture.
Fortunately all bad things come to an end and we walked off the plane into summer sunshine.  Having come from a wind strewn and flooded England that was indeed a pleasant change.

Things can only get better from here on in.  Stay with us for the next three weeks as we tour Chile Sail around Cape Horn aboard the superyacht sized Via Australis and visit Buenos Aires