Iberia One World Airline? More like a Third World Carrier

In our last posting we asked could it get worse?

Well guess what?

It Can and it Did!

Not only can Iberia break its own rules sending passengers luggage with out them when they state passengers cannot fly on a plane without their luggage but they also have different safety regulations to that of their sister airline.

But yesterday boarding an Airbus A340 at Madrid we were horrified to be allocated a seat with in flight controls hanging out of the seat and bare electrical connectors visible to all.

Needless to say on-board staff were totally ignorant of the situation and Iberia does nothing save send an apology for the inconvenience they have caused.

And on the subject of safety can any one explain why do the very latest planes flown by Iberia have ash trays inside the lavatories?

Is it not an offence to smoke inside a lavatory on board a passenger aircraft?  If so why encourage it?