Fully-Featured Marine Log Book app for iPad and iPhone

Representing what could well be the next stage in the evolution of the logbook for sailors and boaters worldwide is a new logbook app for use on the iPad and iPhone
Developed and launched this year by RiverIsle, WaveTrax has been designed to revolutionise the way sailors and boaters record voyages, store data and share experiences.
It uses mobile technology and GPS to capture, manage and present all of the information usually entered into a traditional paper logbook.
The fully-featured program automatically creates a log of every voyage offering a range of advantages over the traditional logbook including the capability to share adventures and journeys with friends and family via social media.
Other key features include the ability to bring the log to life by adding annotations and images to a route, the automatic compilation of the user’s boating and crew history, and the capability to store documents and complicated boat data.
It also allows the creation of a detailed PDF log print out if required.
The low cost alternative to bound, paper logbooks, has a number of key features.
  • Automatically make regular log entries of location on detailed marine charts Adds an entry every hour during a journey.
  • Large text entry field to allow user to note interesting
  • Keeps a running total of distance travelled and time spent at sea.
  • Ability to sync back to the user’s personal website and back-up systems • A Signature screen allowing for authentication.
  • Share via social media.
  • Detailed personal and boat data including documents and certificates, contacts and crew members

WaveTrax is available through the iTunes store (search for ‘sailing logbook or marine logbook’), where the app can be downloaded to iPhone or iPad.
The web-app is free on 30-day trial then chargeable at local equivalent currency to GBP 3.99 per year (free to app users).