Esenyacht Opens Composite Component Facility in Bodrum

What is now one of Turkey’s leading facilities for the production of composite components and structures for yachts of all types has been opened by Essenyacht in Bodrum.
While there are a number of yards in the country with composite capabilities Esenyacht now has not only the most modern at its headquarters in Bodrum, but it is also the only yard conveniently positioned on the south western approaches with a composite facility certified to international standards.
The yard aims to create luxury handcrafted superyachts by combining modern production technology using advanced materials with traditional craftsmanship when working with natural stone, wood and hides. A high percentage of the components on each yacht is produced within the yard, and the international design and management team ensures that the engineering and quality control are of a standard comparable to the best yards in northern Europe.
A full range of services is available for both refits and new build projects, starting with engineering and design and running right through to the construction of moulds where necessary and actual production.
Capable of the full range of production techniques including vacuum infusion and pre-preg, the facility has been fitted out with all the necessary tooling including a 4-axis CNC milling machine, calibration equipment, Airtech vacuum systems and two ovens; one fixed and the other portable. The fixed oven measures 21-metres by 5-metres and is rated up to 120°C.
The full range of structures and components can be produced, from hatches and tenders to booms, masts and superstructures. 

Current projects include the deck hatches for the 50-metre performance sailing sloop Troy together with the 63-metre rig, boom and 20-metre superstructure for the same yacht.

Upcoming projects include a high-spec racing boat, components for a large sailing vessel and a 15-metre high-speed power boat for a data testing programme.              
One of the original consultants to the project has also contracted to use the facilities for testing an advanced new hull technology over the next 12 months – an excellent testimonial to their quality.

Esenyacht is a subsidiary of the Tursen Group, whose interests also include renewable energy and mining.