We Are About to Test the Garmin Montana

Whenever we travel on assignment writing Superyacht Destination Guides for Invictus magazine we take with us a sophisticated piece of kit to test.
Last time when cruising through the Maldive Islands we carried an Olloclip and put it through its paces.
This time Garmin have asked us to test their all new Montana.  It is a handheld GPS a tough and versatile handheld device featuring a rugged design with multiple mounting and battery options, dual-orientation and screen layout options and support for a wide range of proprietary cartography.
We will be using it when we walk the streets of Santiago in Chile and again down south as we trek through Patagonia.  Its marine charts will be useful as we sail around Cape Horn and we expected to fully utilise the city maps as we tour Buenos Aires.
When we visit an Estancia on the Pampas, we will use the device while horse riding.
And because it has a built in camera we might even take a picture.

All in all it looks like being a very useful companion and we will be reporting on its effectiveness as we progress.  Stay tuned!
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