Underway But Going Nowhere

The forward end of a cargo ship appears to be underway in Lake Erie but on closer inspection can be seen to be making no headway and is therefore on a voyage to nowhere.

The Benson Ford was built some 90 years ago and used to transport coal and iron ore across the American lakes for the Ford Motor Company
She was decommissioned in 1981 after nearly 50 years of service and left to rust.
Four years later the front part of the ship was removed, sailed to Lake Erie, and perched on top of an 18 foot cliff to serve as a holiday home.
The bow, now overhangs the lake some 18 foot above the surface of the water                      
Much of the interior is intact. Wood paneled staterooms, dining room and lounge are said to have been designed by Henry Ford who was an occasional passenger as was Thomas Edison.                            
The ship-house was originally owned by Frank J Sullivan, but after trying and failing to turn it into a hotel in 1992, eventually auctioned the building to father and son Jerry and Bryan Kaspar, who still like to relax there while taking time off work.

However it has been modernised and now has added features that include a garage, a game room, bar, state-of-the-art kitchen and four bathrooms