Ibiza to Get New Large Superyacht Dockage

In Ibiza what was Sa Riba, a commercial ferry dock has been transformed into new marina set to open on 15th February 2014

Situated in the shadow of the stepped old town of Ibiza, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is undergoing a process of gentrification
Renamed Port Ibiza Town the new marina is adjacent to the smaller Ibiza Magna marina and the same management staff will operate both marinas together.
Nine large yachts of over 60 and up to 140 metres in length can be accommodated stern to with forward lines attached to eight substantial mooring buoys that have just been installed.
Facilities installed recently include: 3.5 metre wide wooden deck to create a promenade alongside the yachts. Wooden fenced compounds disguise the bins for waste with lights and service pedestals for water supply complete the new landscape of the marina area.
The services offered include
  • Fresh water
  • WiFi
  • Refuse collection
  • 24-hour security
  • Specialised concierge service to handle catering, laundry, packages, and tour reservations.