Social Media Influences Super Yacht Community

Proof that social media is catching on and influencing those in the world of super yachts comes in a TweetReach Report from London based travel PR specialists PRCo.
Remember yesterdays live Twitter chat session created at the London Boat Show?

It was followed by those using the #yachtchat hashtag and was hosted by Porto Montenegro the superyacht marina complex in the Adriatic.
Now PR consultants for the destination port have released figures showing quite how successful tweeting about super yacht destinations can be.
In an hour of tweeting questions to stimulate conversations among the superyacht community 47,925 accounts were reached.  466 tweets from 51 different contributors over the four day exercise generated; 467,416 impressions, 247 replies and 135 retweets.

As a participant we became involved and gave our own answers to each of the 11 questions posed but it was interesting to see how long it was to live as a subject matter long after the session was closed with many around the world retweeting messages.

Over 40 new followers started following @SaltySeadog our own twitter account as a result of that exposure and that means that 40 more viewers get the chance to log onto the latest up to the minute super yacht news