Scorpion Ribs shows their sting with Dyena

The British based builders of Scorpion Ribs are known for creating comfortable and speedy craft.
Their latest, the Scorpion Sting, provides proof of that ride quality and this is down to the use of data obtained using the Dyena Acceleration Recorder to perfect the design.
The Dyena AccelerationRecorder (DaccR) is proving to be a valuable tool for the development and comparison of fast boats.
Traditionally, most boat operators have relied upon subjective comparison to evaluate the differences between vessels. With constantly varying sea or weather conditions, coupled with personal bias, this is not an accurate method for a reliable comparison.
A small portable data logger, the DaccR can be fitted in any position for simple analysis of a boats performance and ride quality. Sampling at 2400 times per second, the DaccR continuously monitors the shock and vibrations received by the vessel structure and stores the data to the onboard solid state memory, alongside position, speed, heading and time.
Other users of Dyena systems include the
  • RNLI
  • UK Royal Navy
  • US Navy
  • US Department of Homeland Security