Off the Milk Run, Sailing Down into Asia and the South Pacific.

A new book aimed at superyacht owners and charterers with a thirst for adventure, has been published as a guide to getting off the beaten track in the Pacific and Indian oceans.

Superyacht Explorer is comprehensive showcase is now available as a download to superyachts seeking to forge a path of adventure through largely-untouched waters

For owners and charterers who delight in being the first superyacht visitors to remote villages, who enjoy waking up in the lee of an island where rush hour is a foreign concept, the book will become a visual taster of all that’s unmissable in these oceans.

For those who want to further their appreciation and understanding of this part of the world, this is pure, unadulterated, dream fodder.

Glossy shots of warm-eyed locals and crystalline blue seas sit alongside practical tips to getting the most out of the yacht’s time in these waters.

Masterminded by Jeanette Tobin, of Asia Pacific Superyachts New Zealand and Christelle Holler, of Tahiti Private Expeditions, the guide brings together inside knowledge from agents who have made these islands stretching over a large expanse of the world’s oceans, their passion.