New Ground-Breaking Indoor Shading System, Ready for Production

Seen at METS for the first time Yacht iBlinders, is a new indoor shading system, that uses high-end digital shading technology to allow the colour of film on a window to go from non-transparent to transparent at the flick of a switch that sends an electric current through it.
After their world premiere at ΜETS (Marine Equipment Trade Show) in Amsterdam, the Polish company based in Gdansk is now ready to ship the first orders
After months of research, the company’s Research and Development department presented a system that is controlled and the desired level of shading set using remote control.
A Bluetooth 4.0 connection available through a specially designed an App allows for the user to control it using an iPhone.
Designed and programmed in-house, the application’s user-friendly interface allows users to first select a space in the boat and then set the desired shading accordingly.
The remote Bluetooth controller is designed, produced and programmed in Poland and all parts of the iBlinders system are made in the EU.
System Features
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Clustering iOS support
  • PIN code protection
  • Divided into sections (for the convenience of guests)
  • Auto power off
  • iOS application
  • Fully compatible with iOS human interface guidelines
  • 3-tap operation
  • No unnecessary menus
  • Compatible with all current iOS devices with iPad version available in 2014