Charter U-Boat Worx Personal Sub and Mothership Now

Who is she?
During December 2013 and January 2014, U-Boat Worx has created an exclusive opportunity to enjoy an amazing aquatic experience charter package. This will provide a first-hand demonstration of a U-Boat submersible from Pacific Provider a fully-equipped and professionally crewed support vessel.
Why is she special?
Pacific Provider is a highly versatile 160ft. expedition vessel and also an ideal “Shadow” craft that provides all “Mother Ship” capabilities, including re-fuelling, helicopter landing facilities, sport fishing safaris, water toy options, and additional crew accommodation. She is configured with six luxury staterooms and has indoor/outdoor entertainment and dining areas for up to 50 guests.
The U-Boat Worx C-Explorer 2 personal submersible is built for precise handling and superior comfort, with unparalleled safety characteristics. With a 360-degree acrylic sphere it offers virtually unrestricted underwater views.
Where is she chartering?
Pacific Provider complete with submersible will be positioned in the vicinity of the Florida Keys and the Bahamas during December and January but can be relocated to another destination nearby.
Who is the central charter agent?
Contact to request more information or reserve your dates.
What is her Charter Rate?
Rates are inclusive of:
Captain, Chief Engineer, Chef, Cruise Permit, Submersible Crew, Insurance and Submersible consumables.
Rates are exclusive of:
fuel, stewardesses (2), deckhands (2), and any berthing fees (if applicable).
The minimum charter is one week.
For M/Y Pacific Provider:
High Season: US$100,000 (Normal rate US$110,000)
Low Season: US$80,000 (Normal rate US$90,000)
For the U-Boat Worx C-Explorer 2:
High Season: US$60,000
Low Season: US$50,000
A full range of additional marine activities, equipment (including water toys) and accessories are available, which may be subject to additional pricing and may require bookings, such as:
Sea Bobs, FlyBoards, Jetlevs, Jetskis, Motorised Surf Boards, Inflatable Climbing Walls, Trampolines and Towables, Tenders, Amphibious Cars, Kayaks, Sailing Dinghies, and Fishing Tackle and Bait.
Special offer
For purchasers of any model of the U-Boat Worx submersibles, a refund of the submersible charter fee (with a maximum of 2 weeks) will be discounted from the sale price. This special offer is only available for this limited charter period.