Weird, Wacky and Crazy

Well, we’ve seen some weird, wacky and crazy inventions but this one must, we think, top the lot.

The Outback Battery Heated Socks could be just the thing for super yacht crew experiencing the depths of winter or maybe that voyage through the North West Passage 

They keep your feet cosy at around 39 degrees, so with enough battery power to last 5 hours, these socks are perfect for the wash down on deck.

We are not sure if you can buy them in green as well.  But if you could, then maybe by putting a green on one foot and a red on the other they could add a greater nautical relevance.

Costing only £19.95 from they are available for men and women. is a complete gift solutions website, with a large range of presents for all. Prices start from as little as £2.95