METS success for Fastmount MC-05 Maxi Metal Clip Set

The first metal panel mounting system, designed for removable ceiling and wall panel applications that require fire protection (pre-approved by Lloyds fire rating B-15 for a 100M+ super yacht) and for heavy load bearing panels is receiving a fantastic response at the ongoing METS 2013.
The MC-05 Maxi Metal clip set from New Zealand based Fastmount has already been used by a super yacht builder for a 100 M plus super yacht in Europe and judging from the interest shown at the company’s stand it is likely to be quickly adopted by other shipyards.
The need for the metal clip system arose with larger super yachts and insurance companies demanding higher fire ratings, and the use of larger and heavier panels.
The cleverness of the MC-05 design is its’ perceived simplicity yet its’ ability to simultaneously perform in the following aspects is a world first.

MC-05 Maxi metal clip set is developed specifically to:
  • Withstand high temperatures,
  • Provide acoustic and vibration isolation,
  • Allow for tolerance and flex  while self centreing
  • Deliver a flawless finish every-time
  • Allow panels to be easily removed and refitted in any sequence time after time

Similar to all Fastmount products, the MC-05 installation process has a systematised approach using custom tools to achieve consistent installation and performance standards.

This versatile clip system is a self-tapping clip system with the option to also screw fit. The Fastmount Metal clip range will be expanded to suit a variety of applications and substrates.
To meet the different pull out loads required the MC-05 is available in 5kg and 10kg pull out load options.
Applications include fire rated panels, panels in fire egress paths, ceiling, wall, exterior panels and curved panels.
A video outlining the uses and ease of fitting can be viewed here