Innovative GPS Technology Make iPad
 an Integral Component of any Boating Experience.

Soon, innovative GPS Technology will, quite simply, make the iPod touch, iPhone or iPad 
an integral component of any boating experience.

The iPad can become the focal point for navigation, environmental and engine sensor monitoring beyond the bridge with a little bit of Bad Elf Engineering Magic.

The Bad Elf GPS Pro 2200, a compact, low cost Apple-approved Bluetooth accessory, enables your iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, or iPad mini to become the central navigation and boat monitoring component on any vessel that would not otherwise have marine electronics onboard.

And for those with plenty of marine electronics, this kit can turn a iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, or iPad mini into a capable adjunct display for use beyond the cabin or console.

At METS in the company also be launching their newest product, the Bad Elf GPS for the Apple Lightning Connector, which provides plug and play GPS & GLONASS reception to any Wi-Fi only Apple device equipped with a Lightning connector.