Final Chance to Move Killer Bridge

Former super yacht Captain Richard Morris, now Managing Director at Australian Superyachts Pty Ltd is urging fellow Captains to help get rid of the old Glebe Island Bridge that obstructs Rozelle Bay.
Super yachts are one of the main groups disadvantaged by the continued existence of the Bridge.  It was during the transit of this disused bridge earlier this year by the yacht Calliope that a crew member was crushed to death.
Richard and many other Captains who cruise in the area believe it should once and for all be finally and totally removed.
He told us, “This is probably our one and only chance to make the authorities aware of our concerns and submissions for or against its removal close this Friday 15th November.
We have learned that there is so far an overwhelming majority (80%) of submissions from local residents and Greens that support the Bridge being reactivated and kept in the closed position; opening only at certain times to facilitate vessel.
Richard is urging Captains to please visit this page and follow the link to the NSW Transport Community Feedback page.
He says, “Please view the documents and send your submission to by 15th November.
He adds, “It is in all our best interests, and that of our owners, for this Bridge to finally be removed.”