Dutch Expertise in Super Yacht Media Field Uses Apple Technology

Super yacht owners have become accustomed to playing their favourite media content, anywhere and anytime. Watching a television show or listening to that preferred playlist, integrated systems that allow guests play what they please, at the push of a button are becoming the normal now.
After having signed a new contract just weeks after this year’s edition of the Monaco Yacht Show, bringing their total number of current orders to 4 the Dutch based company Mr Smith Entertainment has a flexible, affordable and space-saving entertainment systems that has seen a promising start in the competitive field of on board entertainment on demand systems.
They are using Apple technology combined with an elegant software application, enabling guests to enjoy their own content as well as the existing on board media library. In short, the system effortlessly transforms any area on board into a personalised environment.
As Rob Williamson, project manager at Nakhimov, is happy with the firm’s performance to date, “For the new construction project we were looking for a system which was easy to install, run and operate. We came in touch with Mr Smith and their product was exactly what we were looking for and while it has most of the functionalities of its competitors, if not more, it is also very competitively priced”.
One of the most advanced solutions in the industry, the modular system combines technology with the lowest number of components. The deceitfully simple concept of combining Apple hardware with an easy-to-use software application for iPad and iPod devices has thus far proven to be a highly successful one for the company.
The Mr Smith Entertainment system was originally developed from technology used in high-end hotels and theme parks, and it replaces existing systems that are often too complex, bulky and expensive. Since their launch, the company has been enthusiastically received by the industry and their system is currently used on 5 prominent superyachts.
The company is in talks to implement the system onto two Italian new builds, 52 metre and 55 metre LOA, and a Dutch 30 metre vessel.
Additionally, the company’s system is set to be installed on board YXT, the new Diana Yacht Design superyacht currently under construction at the Lynx Yachts shipyard facilities in the Netherlands.