Asia-Pacific Super Yacht Association Highlights Issues Holding Back the Area as a Cruising Destination

The Asia-Pacific Super Yacht Association (APSA) has hosted a series of forums in Hong Kong to establish key concerns and challenges being experienced by their members and guest speakers across the region, with the aim of creating workable solutions to drive growth, development, and opportunity within the Asia-Pacific.
While a range of current and anticipated issues were addressed, common challenges emerged which APSA members believe to be stifling progress within the Super yacht industry in the Asia-Pacific.
These include:
  • A lack of government support and understanding of the industry and its potential to provide significant social and economic benefit to a local economy
  • Issues with crew training and standards in facilities across the region, which are perceived to be major challenges for visiting super yachts; and super yacht ownership challenges in the current economic climate. 

With the number of super yachts and visiting super yachts set to increase across the region, APSA is committed to addressing these issues with the support of its membership.
It aims to develop a series of informative papers that will provide the statistical analysis, research and information required to demonstrate the strengths of the region, and further promote the super yacht industry across the Asia-Pacific.
ASPA Chairman Colin Dawson said, “The series of discussions during the week have brought to light some clear challenges which need to be addressed if the region is to attract further growth in the super yacht industry, both through visiting super yachts and ownership in the region.
He continued, “What is clear is that there is much enthusiasm from players in the region to work together to resolve these issues and to ensure governments and local authorities understand the real benefits yachts can bring to the local economy. I hope we can build on this to develop positive outcomes moving forward.”
A not-for-profit association, the ASPA is fully incorporated in Hong Kong in April 2011. The association is headed up by a committee consisting of superyacht industry professionals from around the Asia-Pacific region, chaired by Colin Dawson of Expat Marine Ltd in Hong Kong.
The primary objective of the Asia-Pacific SuperyachtAssociation is to promote the Asia-Pacific region to the global super yacht community both as the world’s “third cruising destination” and as a super yacht construction, refit and services location. APSA is working towards attracting more superyachts and helping the industry to overcome any challenges which may arise. APSA is financed through membership fees.