ACR Electronics Introduces a New Series of RapidDitch Bags

As the authors of the only book to specifically focus on the Grab Bag for yachts of all sizes we have a special interest in companies that sell bags fit for purpose.

One such is ACR Electronics who have introduced their new and improved line of RapidDitch™ abandon ship bags at this year’s METS Trade Show.

When seconds matter, mariners count on the grab-and-go reliability of ACR’s RapidDitch Bags to store and organise all of their boating safety gear.

Designed for quick retrieval in an emergency situation, this line up of survival bags has been improved with increased buoyancy, bold reflectivity material, and an integrated tethering system; which all come together to maximize convenience for boaters who may need to abandon ship.

Available in two sizes, the ACR RapidDitch and RapidDitch Express provide storage for your EPIRB, VHF radios, flares, signalling products, personal identification documents, and all your safety gear. The tough water-resistant fabric and self-repairing, corrosion-resistant zippers stand up to the harshest of elements.

Both bags have an innovative shoulder strap tethering system which unhooks and easily transforms into two 4-foot safety harnesses. The harnesses are designed to clip to your life jackets to keep everyone together while in the water; while staying within arm’s length of your ditch bag to ensure all of your safety and signalling gear is accessible at a moment’s notice. 

The external EPIRB pocket is designed to securely store your ACR GlobalFix EPIRB; when the bag is thrown overboard the EPIRB pocket will flood with water to automatically activate your EPIRB so that it can begin transmitting your emergency 406 MHz signal to Search and Rescue forces around the world.