The Battle of the Apps

The headline has one P to many and not enough E’s to make a good movie title never the less it is true that we seem to have a battle on our hands!
Close on the heels of Y.CO making their own announcement, the first of a new series of Apps from Yachting Partners International (YPI) is now available for free download for tablet and smart phone from both the Apple and Google Play Stores.
One of the first to embrace the QR Code technology to give clients easier and faster access to yacht videos, yacht profiles as well as the company’s entire mobile website content, YPI has now launched the first of a new series of fully interactive Apps available for download for tablets and smart phones from both the Apple and Google Play Stores.
“At the end of last year, research was showing there were over 1.2 billion people using Apps,” explains Group Marketing Manager, Mark Duncan. “This year alone there will be an estimated 56 billion downloads with more than 800,000 apps available right now on both the Apple and Google Play Stores. And it’s a market that’s slated to continue growing by almost 30% every year…most of that growth originating from Asia.”
Says YPI Group CEO, Philippe Hetland Brault: “For me, any App has to be 50% useful and 50% fun. And it shouldn’t just be for iPad. We wanted users on all tablets and particularly smart phones to be able to access and benefit from our App in a way that makes sense to the device they are using.
So we invested a bit more to design and produce variations that give the user the optimum experience whether on tablet or smartphone, Android or Apple. It’s our first App, we are very pleased with the feedback so far, and we have only just begun. We are now developing a number of other functions, thanks to some excellent feedback from clients, and I very much look forward to announcing the launch of those in the not- too-distant future.”

  1. Search on the Apple Store or Google Play Store for ‘THE YPI SELECTION’