Majesty 155, the largest-ever super yacht to be built by Gulf Craft in the UAE.

More details have emerged about the Majesty 155, the largest-ever super yacht to be built by Gulf Craft in the UAE.

In conversation with Erwin Bamps Chief Operating Officer at Gulf Craft more details have emerged about the Majesty 155, the largest-ever super yacht to be built by his company based in the UAE.

One of a handful of global yacht builders with the capability to build composite super yachts above 45 metres, Bamps confirmed to us that the yacht which features Side balconies, aft beach club and a novel approach to the use of interior space is currently under construction and getting to the point when the interior design will have to be chosen.

Bamps, told us, “While this project will be seen by many as almost a natural progression of the product range expansion that have developed developed in recent years with the launches of our Majesty 125 and 135 models, the new 155 represents quite a leap in engineering complexity and offers us a tremendous opportunity to demonstrate the design solutions and the workmanship capabilities of the yard today.”

He added: “The last few years have seen interesting developments in the super yacht market, both in terms of yacht builders and yacht buyers. The yacht builders have seen a consolidation into the ones with a solid track record and the ability and resources to deliver the designs and quality that the market desires, while among yacht buyers, the market has shown an eagerness for larger sized yachts. People also increasingly seek individualism and want to turn heads. Hence we have designed from scratch new super yacht concepts that answer changed market demands, and are executing them with great attention.”

Recent product releases have included the market introduction of a series of yachts that celebrate the “living on water” concept and bring to the fore design elements that mimic a luxury apartment on the water.

The Majesty 155, as Gulf Craft’s latest and largest yacht project to date, imports similar design elements, with exterior and interior coming together for barrier-free living

Oversized windows bathe the interior in natural light, delivering panoramic views over the water. The aft decks are designed for outdoor living with an aft beach club for relaxing after water sports.

Owner’s and saloon balconies add even more light and space to the interior Gulf Craft’s super yachts have been designed and built from the keel up with a global customer base in mind. “Our yachts are over-specified to deal with extremes of weather and operational conditions. This includes superior cooling capacities to cope with harsh tropical sun, but also easy maintenance access to allow for minimum downtime, especially of concern in case of ocean-crossings when adequate service facilities are at a considerable distance. 

Our Majesty Yachts have proven to be very popular with charter yacht clients as they stand up very well to frequent outings and long trips, a durability, which has been inherited from the builders vast experience supplying transport and functional vessels. 

“We continue to strive every day to ensure even smoother and effortless operation for captain and crew for all of our vessels,” said Bamps.

The company has in recent months stepped up a concerted investment in innovative engineering design solutions, greater automation of its manufacturing processes and an enhancement of in-house craftsmanship.