Intellian Expands Production Facility

To date, the Korean based antenna manufacturer Intellianhave shipped 23,000 units around the world since the company was founded in 2004.
Now in response to this significant growth the company is expanding its production space to keep pace with its five year Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of revenue which is currently 40%.
Headquarterd in Seoul the company has an additional two locations in South Korea, two US operations and two European offices.
Following the company’s expanding presence in the commercial and leisure maritime sectors, construction has commenced of two additional floors at its Innovation Centre in Seoul.
The building adds 3,809 m2 to the existing production area and a further 2,787 m2 to the R&D facility, at a total investment of US$20m.
Intellian President and CEO, Eric Sung commented: “The expansion of our R&D and production facilities are an important milestone for us as we continue to provide our customers with outstanding innovation and on time delivery of product from stock.”
The Intellian Innnovation Centre opened just four years ago and includes a Design and Manufacturing facility for all Intellian antennas. Environmental tests such as salt mist, antenna RF test range and extreme vibration testing are also carried out in-house at the centre. Additionally, there is a training facility for customers and partners.
The expansion of the Intellian facility will assist in research and production of the company’s continuing process of providing the maritime industry with the very latest innovations in reliable satellite communications and entertainment systems.